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Read on to find out more about our programs for students, parents, and professionals. Anyone can benefit from 'Til Death Do You Tweet!


None of us are safe when it comes to the damaging effects a negative online  reputation can have. Those Snaps, Tweets, and Facebook or Instagram posts  can follow us around the web for years, compromising our ability to go to  school, get a job, and live our lives to their fullest potential. Whether you're a  student, a parent, or a professional, 'Til Death Do You Tweet is here to help  you understand how social media shapes your personal brand and how to  manage your online reputation in a positive way.


'Til Death Do You Tweet is an interactive seminar for students to raise awareness about how the way you present yourself online can hurt your reputation in real life. Understanding the idea of building your personal brand is explored, and some of the potential negative consequences of poor online behavior are outlined through real-world examples. Cyber bullying, sexting, and other worse-case scenarios are presented to help develop empathy for those experiencing harassment online. Students are then given tips on how to maintain a positive social media presence and protect their brand from unintended damage. 


We understand how intimidating technology, the internet, and social media can be to some parents, and we are here to help! 'Til Death Do You Tweet can help you help your kids become better digital citizens. You'll get a rundown of various social media platforms and the risks associated with them, plus resources and tools to start the important conversation about what online behavior should look like - along with other valuable information. In addition to in-person seminars, parents also have the added ability to learn everything you need to know in the privacy of your own home with our online course.


We're seeing now more than ever that adults are not immune to the damaging consequences of a negative social media presence. "Cancel culture" has eliminated any room for mistakes online. TDDYT Pro can help professionals - or college students looking to become professionals - understand how far their digital footprint can reach. You'll also get a LinkedIn tutorial with profile audits to make the most of your presence on the platform. We can also provide content strategy tips and best practices for growing and maintaining a positive personal brand online that will benefit you now and throughout your career.

Each in-person seminar is approximately 60 minutes. Audio/visual equipment that can accommodate a presentation that includes video clips is required.


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