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"Don't Let Your Digital Footprint Kick You in the Butt!" is the companion book to 'Til Death Do You Tweet. It helps students understand their personal brand and provides real-world illustrations of positive and negative online behavior. There are exercises students can do to reinforce key messages, and discussion topics for teachers or parents to continue the conversation about good digital citizenship! The book is age-appropriate for middle and high school students.

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How Do You Define Your Brand?

This book helps your students understand the concept of their personal brand, which is an important factor for any of us to consider as we plan for the future. 

How Can Social Media Affect Your Brand?

Real-world examples of positive and negative online behavior are explored through case studies throughout the book. Students get a chance to complete activities that will reinforce the lessons presented in the book.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Brand?

Students will get practical tips for growing and maintaining a positive online presence. A section on using LinkedIn effectively is included for high school students, and success stories are highlighted  to encourage your students' better digital citizenship!

*For bulk orders, the book/e-book is available on IngramSpark & Amazon

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