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None of us are safe when it comes to the damaging effects a negative online reputation can have. Those Snaps, Tweets, and Facebook or Instagram posts can follow us around the web for years, compromising our ability to go to school, get a job, and live our lives to their fullest potential. Even companies aren't immune to the damage that can be done to their bottom line by a poorly thought out employee Tweet. Whether you're a student, a parent, a teacher or a professional, 'Til Death Do You Tweet is here to help you understand how social media shapes your personal brand and how to manage your online reputation in a positive way.

Whether you schedule a live 60-minute presentation at your school, community center, church, or place of business - OR you take advantage of our online course for parents, keep scrolling to find out how TDDYT can help you!



Bring our ground-breaking seminar to your school, community center, or student group and help kids avoid social media mistakes and become better digital citizens! We cover cyber bullying, sexting, and privacy issues too. 60-minute presentation requires A/V equipment.


We help you understand what your kids already know about social media, and give you tools and resources to have a conversation with them about how to have a positive online presence. Book TDDYT for your next PTA meeting - or get all of the important info you need in the comfort of your own home with our online course!


Don't let one social media faux pas ruin your digital footprint, and cost you your job or worse! Understand what it means to have a personal brand and how to manage it online. TDDYT Pro fits well into corporate professional development programs for employees, ERG 'lunch & learns' or job readiness training. This is also a great workshop for college students too!


The TDDYT Swag Shop is open! Get your t-shirts and hoodies in the color of your choice. More products coming soon! Please support good digital citizenship!


MEET TechLifeSteph

Technology & Lifestyle Expert Stephanie Humphrey is a former engineer-turned-media personality. She is the technology contributor for ABC News, working on the nationally-syndicated daytime show 'Strahan Sara and Keke'. Television is one of her loves, but Stephanie is most passionate about helping people become better digital citizens!


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